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Leased Premises The South West Business Centre
Leasehold commitments are usually at least 3 years, often much longer (up to 25 years) and on assignment you would still liable (for example in the case of the new tenant leaving or failing to pay rent) for the full duration of the original lease. This onerous liability has bankrupt many people.
Maximum financial exposure is just 60 days rental at worst.
No flexibility to increase or reduce space.
Total flexibility to increase or reduce space as business needs dictate
Rent free periods often culminate in huge rents at the end of the free period. Landlords usually require personal guarantees from the company owners or Directors who are leasing space.
No personal guarantees required.
Lease clauses and covenants contain many pitfalls and traps. Most leases have heavy dilapidation payments at the end.
No dilapidation clauses. No premiums.
The advertised rent that you would pay for a leased office is often around half of the total cost of occupancy with additional costs for non domestic rate, maintenance, and other charges.
The cost of an office at The South West Business Centre includes rent, rates, service charge, building insurance, light, heat, cleaning, electricity, etc.
Administrative time and effort (as well as money) is required to run repair and maintain leased space.
All office management is provided.
Time, effort and money is required to purchase, run and maintain office equipment, fix photocopiers, manage tea and coffee machines and organise on going repairs.
All day to day running of support resources and services is provided.
Secretarial and reception staff place a heavy overhead burden on any business. They also take holidays, may take time off sick, are expensive and time consuming to recruit and train. You may not always have enough work for them and yet at times be overloaded.
Fully trained staff, when you need them, are available at the business centre to support vou as opposed to being an expensive burden.
Legal and surveyors fees are usually incurred before a lease can be signed with additional fees for rent review negotiations.
No legal fees. No surveyors fees. No rent review fees.
Almost impossible to complete negotiations in less than 6 weeks.
Immediate occupancy.
Difficult to set budgets in advance due to variables and unexpected costs.
The fee you agree for your office is what you pay. No hidden, unknown or unexpected costs.
The purchase and installation of telephone equipment can be expensive, time consuming and frustrating. It is sometimes difficult to get the right equipment first time and it soon becomes obsolete.
Telephone and associated message taking are provided.
Furniture is expensive, can often take weeks before delivery and is virtually worthless once you have it. Furniture is supplied.